Professional Testimonials

“The Bridging Center class for divorcing parents offers a comprehensive look at conflict in families and how it impedes good co-parenting. The class is provocative and engaging for parents in a way that amplifies progress beyond what I thought was possible in such a short period of time. I offer my highest recommendations to family therapists, judges, and attorneys working with stuck and conflicted parents – require this class!”

Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Saint Louis University

“Bridging Parental Conflict has raised the expectations of co-parenting education in Minnesota. It has become an essential resource in Minnesota’s effort to help parents in conflict.”

Mindy Mitnick, Ed.D., LP, AFCC Board President

“Most parents I work with complete the Bridging Class before I start my work with them (or very, very shortly thereafter). This class provides parents with a strong foundation, and a shared vocabulary, for concepts I can use and build upon in my ongoing work with them. Parents who have completed the class tend to be more focused on problem-solving, and make better use of subsequent interventions than parents who have not taken the class. It is worth noting that even parents who are skeptical before taking the class report it was eye-opening and helpful once they’ve completed it.”

Jennifer E. Joseph, JD, Parenting Coordinator, ADR Provider

“I strongly recommend the Bridging Class to every parent in my court who is co-parenting with a former partner. I have taken the class myself. It provides valuable insights into the dynamics of family systems that can help parents avoid serious mistakes, raise emotionally healthy children, and have more enriching and satisfying relationships with their children. The Bridging Parental Conflict class is an important resource to our community: it helps parents and children have better lives.”

Judge Bridget Ann Sullivan, 4th Judicial District, State Court of Minnesota

As a parenting coordinator/consultant, when I refer parents to Bridging Parental Conflict class…

  • they return with a shared language and understanding of critical concepts that we then use in our work together. It is extremely beneficial.
  • they go in kicking and screaming and return with an appreciation about what they learned and hopefulness about things getting better.
  • time and time again, parents who have been struggling for years, frequently comment that they wish they had taken this course at the outset of their two-home situation.

I ask parents to provide a short write-up of their learning in general and specific to their family system. I am frequently surprised by the comprehensive appreciation for the concepts taught and their application to their family’s need areas.

Michael Goldfarb, LICSW, Parenting Coordinator, ADR Provider, Custody Evaluator

As a family law practitioner, I count a success when my clients take their children’s long-term well-being to heart and do the work to learn effective co-parenting skills. The Bridging Parental Conflict class is the only class I refer to for that skill building. This is a unique program that is incredibly impactful, illustrating the path to healthy co-parenting.

Lisa Spencer, family law attorney, Henson Efron, PA

Parent Testimonials

“Since my co-parent took this class a few weeks ago our co-parenting relationship and children’s behavior has done a complete 180. I look forward to implementing what I have learned here today to continue that growth.”

“If we knew two years ago what we learned in your class we wouldn’t have gotten into conflict.”

“People told me this class would be life changing, but I didn’t believe it. But it really did change me. It changed how I think about my kids, my co-parent. It already has made a difference.”

“I cannot thank you enough for this class yesterday! I learned so much and am hopeful it will help my ex and I move forward in a positive way. I so wish I would have known about this sooner!!!”

“Parents should have to take this class before they begin the divorce process.”

“I loved the workshop – it was a hundred times better than I expected. I wish I’d been required to take this course when I filed for divorce almost 10 years ago. This course would have saved me years of anguish.”

“This was an amazing class.”

“Fabulous class today! I learned a lot and appreciated how accessible it was. Tying it back to our children, of course, is the motivator to make changes. Nice job reinforcing that. The time went quickly and I took a lot away.”

“Great job! You turned a group of people who didn’t want to be here into a group who didn’t want to leave.”

“If I had taken your class before starting the divorce process, I would have done everything different.”

“Thank you very much. Helpful class, for sure!”

“The class helped me to have better focus on the needs of our children.”