Bridging Parental Conflict® is a one-time 6.5-hour online class developed for parents who experience conflict with their co-parent, and for parents who are just beginning the transition to a co-parenting relationship. 

Bridging Parental Conflict is designed to assist parents in managing themselves in the conflict, developing Parental Leadership™ for the purpose of co-parenting, and providing security and belonging to their children.

When parents are in conflict, or when co-parenting is a struggle, parents often observe troubling behavior changes in their children, including: anxiety, increases in behavior problems, increases in somatic (physical) complaints, decreases in social activities, problems related to school, alignment with one parent against the other (“alienation”), and in some cases, self harm. The behavior issues may be the children’s response to their parents’ conflict.

Bridging Parental Conflict is for parents who would like to learn to disengage from the conflict, and especially for parents whose children are struggling. The class is helpful for parents who are just entering the process of divorce, even if they have not experienced conflict. And for other adults who experience the parents’ conflict or are involved in some way, for example stepparents, grandparents, and legal guardians.

Bridging Parental Conflict addresses:

  • Children in the middle of parental conflict
  • Causes and effects – Parental conflict from a child’s perspective
  • The effects of conflict on the family system
  • How families become stuck in conflict
    Child development
  • Identity – Fundamental requirements of co-parenting that support child adjustment
  • Building and maintaining Parental Leadership to support children

Techniques used in class:

  • Group instruction
  • Instructor role plays
  • Open discussion
  • Question and answer
  • After class Q&A

This program utilizes a safe and directive teaching approach to guide parents through positive, engaging experiences. Parents are given the necessary tools to begin changing the current co-parental relationship, and improved parenting in two-home families.

Class instructors bring years of experience in co-parenting instruction and coaching, family therapy, marriage counseling, child and adolescent therapy, and parent-child reunification.

The class does not require it be attended on the same date as your co-parent.

What Parents are Saying

“If we knew two years ago what we learned in your class we wouldn’t have gotten into conflict.”