Bridging Parental Conflict® E-Learning Classes

Welcome to the Bridging Parental Conflict® E-Learning (or “asynchronous”) class, a video-based program to help parents find individual ways to support their children’s developmental needs and decrease the stress they feel in a two-home family system where parental conflict is present. Utilizing the same content as the live (or “synchronous”) program, the E-Learning program is taught by the same experts in the field while providing participants with flexibility to meet their busy life schedules. Below is an overview of what to expect when you register for the Bridging Parental Conflict E-Learning program.

  • Takes approximately 8 hours to complete
  • Begin now or anytime that is convenient
  • Complete the program on your time
  • Pause and repeat program content to review important information
  • Privacy easily maintained
  • Learn about family systems
  • Quizzes after each segment (must be completed successfully to progress in the program)
  • Certificate is emailed after successful completion of the course
  • NO REFUNDS after you begin the program.

Cost: $185.00

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What Professionals are Saying

“I truly believe that the Bridging Parental Conflict Class is absolutely the best co-parenting program I’ve seen.”

Dana McKenzie, Partner, Chaney Hatcher and McKenzie Dispute Resolution Center