Family Services

The Bridging Center provides the following services to families:

Systemic Family Services

Systemic Family Services address a variety of relational problems in family systems. It works to educate and reorient family members toward functional patterns of relating to one another. The process begins with a family systems assessment to determine the path to achieve the best possible outcomes for all family members.

Parenting/Co-parenting Coaching

Parenting/Co-parenting Coaching addresses specific issues a client is facing in his/her parenting efforts. The process helps clients identify obstacles or challenges and works toward alternative responses congruent with healthy child development and keeping their children out of the middle of parental disagreements or conflict. Parenting/Co-parenting Coaching may be individual or together with the other parent.

Blending Families Services

Blending Families Services helps parents identify and manage the relational influences that affect their efforts to build primacy in their marriage, co-parent with their previous spouses, and blend their new families.

The Bridging Center also offers classes in support of these services. Click here for more information.


The Bridging Center provides the following therapeutic services:

  • Family therapy
  • Marital counseling
  • Individual therapy

Family Mediation Services

For more information about family mediation and child-inclusive mediation services, contact Kelly Noble by phone 612-440-4252 or email.

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